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of the books in no particular order

its a warm saturday morning the sun has pushed most of yesterday's chill away...
I am currently re-reading Marian Keyes Under the duvet, {at night}. A book i read in 2008... wow almost 9 years ago!
On my itouch, i am reading Juliet Ashton's These Days of Ours

But while driving home from getting drinks from the supermarket this morning, radio on, Smooth FM's book review started and they were talking about my Book of 2015
The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma talked about reading and sharing my thoughts here but i just never got around doing that.

The Fishermen was the best book of 2015, true story!

When I was done reading it, I had this urge to want to liken the author to China Achebe, but NO!
Chigozie's style of writing is so different from Achebe's, although the book is narrated by one of the characters.

I will talk about the book in parts. I believe everyone who loves to read should read it too.

I just finished reading Freya North's Turning Point
I laughed, I shed…