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living warped but living still 2

It's the last day of 2015, it's been real!!!
365 days of mistakes, shortcomings, laughter, smiles, playfulness,journeys, walks, friends, dancing, new places, many many things Thankful for grace to be alive despite it all
Made new friends, still have amazing friends and will be getting rid of unfriendly friends in 2016
My friend and I had a bit of a row at some point in November... I felt like a complete eejit. I am thankful we've walked... talked... over it... Irreplaceable friends are hard to find.
I learned a lot, my first fully illustrated children's book comes out in the first half of 2016, I am thankful for some team ups I am involved with, soooo thankful. The last quarter of the year was the best for me, can't trade mine with anyone's
I got a MacBook Pro, for me a huge errrr highlight, and then I got to meet amazing people in Ghana! Twas an experience I still relive. Thank God for videos
So this new year, I am outspoken Goal #2. This year I will speak out too

living warped but living still 1

So I have totally had all sorts of posts in my headed i was planning to rant about
after all this while, I didn't do my annual October 14 post, or my birthday post or even wish y'all a Merry Christmas...
however, the one thing that has caused these rants is
- planning for the year 2016

Sometimes i feel like i am in that garbage compactor in Star Wars Episode IV and all the walls are closing in on me...
Finally i am taking a stand and going to do something about it!

No i don't feel like i am in that scene because I recently watched the New Star Wars Episode, which in my opinion had NO.... NO plot!
JJ Abrahams thank you for attempting to ruin Star Wars for me... I commend the efforts tho, amazing shots, especially the last scene where the girl meets Luke but story naa

Hormonal Imbalance!!
I have had this issue for a bit and i didn't want speak to anyone about it. I was going to speak to my GP in May and then i didn't.
TBH, i have really let it affect me in a not so g…