living warped but living still 1

So I have totally had all sorts of posts in my headed i was planning to rant about
after all this while, I didn't do my annual October 14 post, or my birthday post or even wish y'all a Merry Christmas...
however, the one thing that has caused these rants is
- planning for the year 2016

Sometimes i feel like i am in that garbage compactor in Star Wars Episode IV and all the walls are closing in on me...
Finally i am taking a stand and going to do something about it!

No i don't feel like i am in that scene because I recently watched the New Star Wars Episode, which in my opinion had NO.... NO plot!
JJ Abrahams thank you for attempting to ruin Star Wars for me... I commend the efforts tho, amazing shots, especially the last scene where the girl meets Luke but story naa

Hormonal Imbalance!!
I have had this issue for a bit and i didn't want speak to anyone about it. I was going to speak to my GP in May and then i didn't.
TBH, i have really let it affect me in a not so good way.

I am not insecure about myself, but i get uncomfortable when girls, especially girls whine around me about wanting to be super skinny like moi.

what i hear in the whining are that the WOMEN!!!! want to look like Barbie every time, err! They want to wear DD cups, have their waist size at 25, and hips 36, very flat abs with no possible workouts and a serious fat arse
can you just be content and work on the areas you need to work on and save me the ear clutter!

I have my own issues!! I am grossly under weight for my age, I weighed 40kg at some point this year, I wear an A cup and can practically buy my jeans in one store. Despite all these i RISE

I am changing my diet, ditching sugar, salt and everything nice for healthier stuff for a bit. I want to stay dedicated like i am to twix bars and Malt drinks

I got FitBit, many thanks to my friend....

this my friends is goal #1


Rhapsody said…
Interesting post. One of the best things one can do for oneself is to learn self-acceptance. Many people may have opinions on whom they thing you should be however only you live in you.

Just browsing through blogspotville and thought I’d stop in to wish you a happy new year.
May you have more triumphs than trials
More joy than sorrow
More support than judgement
More Inspiration than discouragement
More resources and access than obstacles
and may you know through it all
That you are blessed and a blessing (by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody)

flygirlbidiish said…
Thank you soooo much @Rhapsody
Amen. Living well is a gift...

Thank you soooo much @Rhapsody
May your strength wax stronger each day of 2016, may the works of your hands be blessed, may your feet take you to places you will be celebrated, have an amazing 2016

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