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g.a.l.t m&m.v.b.s

girl about london town - me and my very bitter stimulant

Flash forward is back on i didn't get enough sleep last night.
Got to class this morning and before our short 10mins break i was dosing- #not kosher
so i decided to get myself cappucino (which really doesn't go down well with my system)
off i went to a McDees i thought i knew for efficient service (one bad day sure does hurt) today was one of those not so efficient service days
placed my order and i was told i'll have to wait 5mins...i should have just turned back to the door and left the eatery...instead i waited 15mins and after the wrong cup (i was actually given tea)another 3 mins before the warm cappucino was placed in my hands
after downing the very bitter drink (you can say 'we know the regulars and the in&outs'; i didn't take any sugar on my way out, was late for class and i didn't realise all this till i sat back in class) omg i felt hand-less
my hands just got funny and they were funny…

girl about london town PC

PC as in party chronicles

when the british people say PC in their tv series it jus sounds...

quick one: G.A.L.T is just me messing about and making my day sound more fun...

off i went to westfield mall this morning ... and not exactly to shop...
was still bent on getting something extra for my cousin gosh! it's so hard picking up stuff for kids mehn! henceforth i shall stick to giving out giftcards

the silly £4.99 brolly i picked up at sainsbury yesterday was just a mess up! i should have started a trust fund towards getting the 44quid one,put in the 4.99 as the foundation money and used a free newspaper...long and short of the story that brolly is now ancient history

hopped on a bus and 2 stops afterwards we were politely asked to get off the bus cause the wheelchair bridge thing won't work i.e go back in after it was let out for two ladies...can't let the driver pull a Messala on the town roads (from the ben hur movie; you know the guy whose chariot had the knives)

finally got …

girl about london town 1

new muse - girl about london town

the city of Londsville - said with the narrator of power puff girls' accent

sunny start to this morning alas i was wet befor 11 am
took a trip to northwards, to woodgreen mall, wanted to get my brother a pair of shorts from a specific shop hmmmm if only i had stayed west...
the shop was just one king ... awuf they say dey run bele
well i had bus pass and freely donated the hours to shopping...eventually i got these infamous pair of shorts + 1 from another shop
afterwards, still in the same mall, i started my search for my cousin's birthday present; he just turned one and i thought to get him shoes
i didn't really know it's a big deal getting children shoes especially 12months-18. It took me 4 shops and another 2 hours bus ride to get the right ones plus asking a shopping mother for the right size...i no get shame na...can't blame me i no get pikin'
Met an anime crazy guy who designs greeting cards today. Such an exciting kinda fellow h…

this day at a.b.j march 16. enough is enough

Jeremiah 17:9 (English Standard Version) The Holy Bible

The heart is deceitful above all things,
and desperately sick;
who can understand it?

Proverbs 29:4 (New International Version) The Holy Bible
By justice a king gives a country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down

Enough is Enough...
Is it fair that leaders let the people suffer.
People who also have blood flowing in their veins
Whose hearts beat each moment, just to keep them alive

who can understand the heart, Jeremiah asks
who can understand a man who sees another in need and feels nothing
empathy, sympathy instead apathy

how desperately sick are the hearts of those that lead the nation
yes desperately sick!
you ask me 'who gives you right to say such...things?'
the things i've experienced, seen and hear about
the things we've experienced, seen and hear about

you can't justify your words, flygirl...

but how long would it take for one third of our roads to be made good
how long must we lif…

does the word piss-off have new meanings?

shoot me, bite me, slap me whatever......right now i hate my bank aka bank b!!!!!! go figure...
my card got swallowed by a yeye machine - good thing is twas by my branch's machine
ok i call cancell and move on thinking since they've showered me with numerous savings cards all is well henceforth "you will get your card in 4-5 working days"
i can't do the whole online banking thing???? hello!!!
so i call oh finally i get thru blimey halfway thru the conversation with a guy genuinely willing to help me the line cuts aaaargh!
and then i start calling 30 minutes on i'm still trying to speak with a human being...because i have been cut off...40minutes and over 13 broken calls later an automated voice says - they usually have a check between 12 and 2am or so and as such there may be technical difficulties
i finally speak with a quite unhelpful somebody... how very convinient of the bank and their online sheninigans
down right IRRITATING!!!!! and my eyes hurt from the u…

my new skin therapy sheer infusion...and finally

geez mehn! the word tired sounds like it was created for me...
does anyone watch the good wife?... a good one

so back to my new skin therapy...
was soooooooooooooooo tired last night however twas same as day 2[night]
less sticky palms the whole day

if symptoms persist ... ha ha ha! :)
so far on this new moisturiser
non-greasy feeling x
healthy-looking,soft and moistured skin {after 3days} x
larger size than 250ml n/p
longlasting smell x
longlasting moisture {during the day} x
Price n/p
eradicating dry skin x

and that's a whooping 5 out of 7 points...
n/p - no point
vaseline got it right on this one seriously however 'look at the size of that thing' {borrowed line from Jurassic Park)
200ml is tweh small just tweh small ... that pea size gimmick doesn't work jo!