girl about london town PC

PC as in party chronicles

when the british people say PC in their tv series it jus sounds...

quick one: G.A.L.T is just me messing about and making my day sound more fun...

off i went to westfield mall this morning ... and not exactly to shop...
was still bent on getting something extra for my cousin gosh! it's so hard picking up stuff for kids mehn! henceforth i shall stick to giving out giftcards

the silly £4.99 brolly i picked up at sainsbury yesterday was just a mess up! i should have started a trust fund towards getting the 44quid one,put in the 4.99 as the foundation money and used a free newspaper...long and short of the story that brolly is now ancient history

hopped on a bus and 2 stops afterwards we were politely asked to get off the bus cause the wheelchair bridge thing won't work i.e go back in after it was let out for two ladies...can't let the driver pull a Messala on the town roads (from the ben hur movie; you know the guy whose chariot had the knives)

finally got to the venue of the party and had a great high light of the day which still stuns me...
the two guys in the picture were the children's entertainment pair
...the taller of the two guys did some ballon trick and stuffed a long ballon down his throat...was tweh stunned to take any pictures *smh for m'self

picture 2: No i wasn't tryin the balloon swallowing trick. I was tryin to mould something out of the balloon instead i got the whale look alike

ps: those entertainment guys were blonde...dunno why but these days my camera loves playing tricks on me


T.Notes said…
1st here!!!
Ehmm,ok, what was gonna say?!!!
Slipped my mind-HONEST!!!Sheesh!lol.
Will b back!
Myne Whitman said…
I just saw a video of the baloon swallowing trick on FB today. Is it real truly? Hmmm...
flygirlbidiish said…
honestly they must have burst those balloons as they were pushin them down lol!!!

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