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girl about london town - me and my very bitter stimulant

Flash forward is back on tv...so i didn't get enough sleep last night.
Got to class this morning and before our short 10mins break i was dosing- #not kosher
so i decided to get myself cappucino (which really doesn't go down well with my system)
off i went to a McDees i thought i knew for efficient service (one bad day sure does hurt) today was one of those not so efficient service days
placed my order and i was told i'll have to wait 5mins...i should have just turned back to the door and left the eatery...instead i waited 15mins and after the wrong cup (i was actually given tea)another 3 mins before the warm cappucino was placed in my hands
after downing the very bitter drink (you can say 'we know the regulars and the in&outs'; i didn't take any sugar on my way out, was late for class and i didn't realise all this till i sat back in class) omg i felt hand-less
my hands just got funny and they were funny all thru the day (in class that is)
go on ask me 'what were you thinking?'
i literally had to speak with my hands each time i had to write...please co-operate with me lol! they were cold and shake-y.
Forthwith i shall stick to hot chocolate and coca cola if i really have to be awake.

so an interesting thing happened during my commute back home,there i was standing at the bus stop when a bus pulls up. I move away cos i wasn't planning on get on that bus besides i didn't want to be tossed about by people getting unto the bus. They all get in the driver shuts the door and pulls up properly in front of me nodds his head, smiles and beckons like 'do you want to come in?' I smile back and shake my head like 'no'...'Ok what was that?' was the next thing on my mind.

ps: i think the coffee's still at work...i can't seem to find sleep now and i've got class tomorrow. drat! i can't mess up by sleeping in class


Myne Whitman said…
I thought I was the only one addicted to Flash forward? Not everyone can deal with coffee and seems you like you your sugar fix too, lol. Have a nice weekend.
flygirlbidiish said…
thanks XXX back at you, hav a fab fab weekend
mehn you can say that again bout me n sugar...i used to have this saying - i don't bitter things- i'm so stickin to it

flash forward!!!!!
~*~Eneida~*~ said…
Great blog! Looking forward to reading more.
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Anonymous said…
I still have not seen flash forward and it bugs the hell outta me! This is a sign that its time to watch it!


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