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new muse - girl about london town

the city of Londsville - said with the narrator of power puff girls' accent

sunny start to this morning alas i was wet befor 11 am
took a trip to northwards, to woodgreen mall, wanted to get my brother a pair of shorts from a specific shop hmmmm if only i had stayed west...
the shop was just one king ... awuf they say dey run bele
well i had bus pass and freely donated the hours to shopping...eventually i got these infamous pair of shorts + 1 from another shop
afterwards, still in the same mall, i started my search for my cousin's birthday present; he just turned one and i thought to get him shoes
i didn't really know it's a big deal getting children shoes especially 12months-18. It took me 4 shops and another 2 hours bus ride to get the right ones plus asking a shopping mother for the right size...i no get shame na...can't blame me i no get pikin'
Met an anime crazy guy who designs greeting cards today. Such an exciting kinda fellow he was so happy talking about anime, naruto and saske uchiha. I was as well. the dude toatlly blanked up his customers anf yarned with me. Now that's what i call customer care of like minds' *i see you smiling com'n don't stifle the laughter lol!
the guy even told me about anime fest at the excel centre...would love to go...
Just before i retired to a very messy sub of the day and then the Library(where nothing interesting happens these days) i went in search of my perfect umbrella or as the british say "brolly"
I found it, but the price chased me out of the shop in less than record time.
shop service was good and the shop had this old pleasant miffiness about it...meant to be an old 1830 place on the way to holborn. this item that keeps the rain and sun away was made by the people who invented the first foldable brollies.
Now i'm saving to buy an's a big investment. I plan on spending over 40quid on a grandchildren must meet this brolly
spent the rest of the day learning about pricing decisions...i wonder who developed the pricing model of those umbrellas tho
ps:there had better be 2 years guaranty on the brolly + insurance


Myne Whitman said…
What a nice way of telling a story, I felt like I was beside you, cracking up too, lol..
T.Notes said…
Lol. Same here. Cracked up@that City of Townsville opening!!!Twas almost like i heard that same opening voive from the actual cartoon!

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