does the word piss-off have new meanings?

shoot me, bite me, slap me whatever......right now i hate my bank aka bank b!!!!!! go figure...
my card got swallowed by a yeye machine - good thing is twas by my branch's machine
ok i call cancell and move on thinking since they've showered me with numerous savings cards all is well henceforth "you will get your card in 4-5 working days"
i can't do the whole online banking thing???? hello!!!
so i call oh finally i get thru blimey halfway thru the conversation with a guy genuinely willing to help me the line cuts aaaargh!
and then i start calling 30 minutes on i'm still trying to speak with a human being...because i have been cut off...40minutes and over 13 broken calls later an automated voice says - they usually have a check between 12 and 2am or so and as such there may be technical difficulties
i finally speak with a quite unhelpful somebody... how very convinient of the bank and their online sheninigans
down right IRRITATING!!!!! and my eyes hurt from the unwarranted lack of sleep now and yes the fact that i am sad about the whole thing
so much for technology that smacks you in the face and causes more pain than if you were punched by a WWE wrestler
this is one very sad customer mehn!!!!!


akaBagucci said…
whoever designs the automated phone software needs to do a better job IMO.. I hate having to punch a million buttons just to get thru to a human being...
Sting said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sting said…
I am assuming this is in Nigeria. I would be more than pissed off.
flygirlbidiish said…
@danny you know...instead of them to simply employ human beings...
@sting no ni...and i have had to speak with them twice this morrning
Myne Whitman said…
I so do not like automated answer machines for business calls especially those that say they're voce recognition, Oh no! Pele dear, hope you sort out your stuff soon.

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