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Dear Black Berry... 3

torres moved to chelsea, big deal! he's totally free to move he didn't sign all his playing days to liverpool jo.... :D, i like Adebayor (as a player) i'm never bothered when people speak. they haven't been in his 'boots' before and then that's football and then some
my footie club still tops the league table haha!

Dear Black Berry,
seems no one has still bothered to 'check on the girl complaining about the PING'. It's 2011 and well i am still here, irritated by those red words. So why can't BBM be upgraded? why can't 'Effective use of the PING' be published? why should people 'PING' to say hi? Mute the PING' so no one's PINGing me to say HI.*eyes rolling*
Why PING me to say HI? geez!!! if you PING to say hi... you are very wrong... go straight to the point.
This is a case of the PING gone bad ... well technically the Task of the PING not being fully grasped.

Yours BBly,

the flygirl