nothing major

"how many words of yesterday, do you recall?" swahili

ponder! don't say to many things just because you have a mouth and can actually form sounds

who has been watchiing celebrity big brother - i have!!!
(me and BB sha)
stephen Baldwin for the winner!!!! yay!!!!!
so there's this lady in the house heidi - she scares me silly
sisquo's in and not MC hammer and the cute swedish guy who sang "all i ever wanted"but he can't play a joke

so nigeria's president is.... our nation needs prayers.....don't stop praying :-)
here's a funny link i stumbled on:


Myne Whitman said…
I'm not watching BB but I saw Stephen on I'm a celebrity last year and the guy seemed to have a beautiful soul.

As for our president...I saw that FB video on Don't cry for me earlier and I ask again, where is Yardie?
flygirlbidiish said…
lovely guy he is :-)

Yardie seems like he doesn't want to be found o

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