happy birthday grandpa!

i have always known that great people are born today
not a figment of my imagination!

Roger Moore's birthday is also today....................can't start listin out stuff tho

Happy birthday Grandpa
i'm sure where u are
u get to have a birthday everyday
still we are glad we got to know u and we also
got to always celebrate this with u........when u were 60. 65,70,75,80
u kno how it is
we always want our loved ones to live forever
we were already plannin ur 85th and gramma's 80th next year
but still even tho we don't hav u here
we can still celebrate
u meant and still mean and will always mean everything to us
u go grandpa......................!!!!!!!
only great men were born on October 14

Happy birthday!!!!


La Reine said…
Honey, those mannequins are mad malnourished.
Buttercup said…
Aww happy belated birthday to him!

I think this day was usher's bday, not sure..

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