6 tags, M.I and the cane

I was tagged! By the young bee {Y.bee}…
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Six Unspectacular Quirks

1. I love artworks.... not just cos i'm an artist.... but there's an inner peace i feel jus staring at them. I also get to think deeply and properly in front of a piece.
2. I think everyone ought to be allowed to have their "my time".... the time when no one else can intrude no matter what they do.... its rather annoying that other people don't get it when i need to be quiet and unassuming
3. I like to fall into “an imaginated” world of mine just before I fall asleep and wake up to music
4. Ladies’ watches are fashion items I hav failed to understand…a watch big enuff to indicate the numbers and time is just good enuff for me
5. I think I gain more good lessons from watching cartoons and soaps than from sitting 108minutes in front of some highly rated movies
6. I like making friends and all but some times I like unmaking friends as well

Ok, so I tag young bee, laspapi, christine, speechgirlbucknor …

i'm lurvin MI Abaga"crowd mentality,his stuff with jesse jangs, his freestyles" at the moment and "mind me not" i can't seem to get it that some young ones in this part of the world i reside in.... don't know or listen to him
ok MI up ur game!!!!!!!!!! ......................... the groupie lurv stizzz!
It really is an annoying thing to drive in lagos… a lot of, motorists,road hawkers and road users have inside of them road rage coupled with frustration, jealousy and other nasty feelings in very wrong proportions… those yellow bus drivers aaaagh!!!! If ever I took a high political spot in this state I will ask for all of them to be flogged, better still I’ll gladly do the flogging BMS for all the sins and atrocity they had ever committed to me and other peace-loving citizens!!
… those street hawkers will get their fair share of the “cane” also for disrespect! Imagine sitting in annoying traffic the airconditioning won’t work cos the temperature of the car has risen high up as shipping cars to countries with extreme temperature wasn’t put into consideration when the car was being manufactured…then some random guy hits the bonnet of the car,the side mirror or one of the window glasses just becos he has some stolen wristwatches for sale or phone top-up cards or say "fyn geel" and when their presence isn’t acknowledged they start saying derogatory stuff
... irritating byke men…they will each be given extra cane lashes for the extra measure of madness they have attained psssst! and their highly irrational irks!
lmao! like i really could do all these
Sadly I have not been following my own advises,I was in a “tight mouthed mood” all thru yestaday and this morning... I refused to smile, talk or show and emotions but listening to 9ice the "Oba Ara of NaijaLand" on my way to work this morning snapped me out of it besides it won’t get me anywhere but make me lapse further into irrelevant quietness and when I ought to speak I shall find myself unable to... thankfully i'm smiling now!
i'm still luvin lovestoned i jus can't get the song outta my head


laspapi said…
picking up the tag. How are you doing, fly girl?

Those wristwatches sold by the road are not stolen, they're just very good fakes.
flygirlbidiish said…
fine thank you;thanks for picking the tag
lol!really! the hawkers are jus really annoying

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