another day!!!

ok i'm lackin too many ideas this afternoon as i sit at my desk to blog... i hav declined a pool party invitation and the usual 'sit-around-the-table to work on a new design for a mag etc by the way i have truly made up my mind to quit doing pro bono illustrations {truly- cos i still did a couple even after i said i wouldn't}
they MILK ME DRY IN EVERY WAY AND DO NOT ENRICH MY POCKETS! tho i get to meet funny interesting crazily creative and 'crazy' people
its saturday and all i hav on my mind it canvas and spray paint lol!!!

i'm sad cos my grampa's been ill n been goin for so many medical sturvz since the beginning of the year and i really hope he does get better cos he is like the healthiest person i ever met...

its just so funny how we grow out of certain stuff we just thot would always be part of our lives... was in traffic again today tho it wasn't for a long time...about an hour...and i kept seeing the FAN MILK guys with the yorguts in the cardboard boxes...a couple of years ago till early 2006 my day was incomplete without one...and now? i really can't stand seeing the wrappers let alone the contents
one thing i know i would never grow out of is sliding down the railings .......... its just an easier way getting down lol!!!!....

i'm off to see a staged play tomorrow ..... i try to do it atleast once a month, i kind of prefer a staged play to a movie, like watchin a footie match or a b-ball game live......
my fav footie club has been very impressive they are playin the champions league finals i'm so glad i do hope we get to carry the trophy

i hav overworked my new 9ice CD!


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