this and that

the plan was to see a drama and and nothing more but that.........i even recommended that a bored friend should go see it also.........we'ld meet there
so we {my sister cousin and i} were about to set out and esty calls ok so i tell the rest of the clic we'ld pick up a fourth member yada yada we set out already late.....
my i'm to pick esty n all from a certain place maar.........we end up goin to his place first and ish there's a house warmin party goin on at his crib............blawdy heck!
and he made us come aaagh!!! (thats me tryin my best to scream) so we have to go into his house n all....
the setup.........his gramma's in Lagos i thot she'ld have gone back
so when she sees me she says "a ha! i spoke with ur gramma last nite and i'll speak to her today and tell her to guess who i saw today!"
i must have sworn unheard when she said that
because.................she'ld tell my gramma {best friends!! geez!!} who in turn will tell my mom.....eyes wide open.....who believed we went to see a play
ish!! some of my random movements
the plans change.......we'ld see a movie and then head home {he's stayin on my side of town for the next one week cos his car's not really ok} we see untraceable...........which i lurved btw its the first movie i'm seein this year or even seein in a long time say since september last year........
because..........i can't be bothered about movies that don't show on cable and i don't see myself travellin jus to see movie at the theatres and then journey back home in blasted and irrelevant traffic
untraceable.........there's the FBI agent marsh who's tryin to track down a serial killer.The killer who happens to b a boy, owen, suffers from a mental set back....his father popped a bullet in his head and the boy had to b taken to an institution.....any way he decides to kill certain people.....the guy who spoke to the channel 12 reporter, the channel 12 reporter, and FBI agent griffin who works with marsh and later marsh herself......usin the internet
he does it on a blog page, kill with me, registered somewhere in russia........ok see it if u havn't seen it or tried to to see it.
i have a totally new and unhealthy crush on someone i know....aikona! song of the week is by 50cents, sad part is i just don't know the actual name of the song


laspapi said…
*whispering in dulcet tones* what drama was that, fly girl?

I see an average of two movies a week, discounting cable.
flygirlbidiish said…
lol! we were meant to see private lies at TK....:-)!
may be if i lived or worked somewhere around them cinemas i'll watch new movies to pass time
for now i'll stick to cable i guess

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