that missing smile

How quickly we judge others stems from how much we keep inwardly.
Sounds like too much.
I speak for myself when I say I am guilty of inwardly judging other people, sometimes too hastily.
I look at an appearance and quickly dismiss the character simply based on what i see.
Sometimes this clouds my judgement and i don’t give ear to the said character.
There i find myself losing what i should have gained if only i had not dismissed this said character
based on appearance.

I listen to some people and hastily dismiss them, judging them based on the words they utter.
Maybe because they are unable to construct sentences using the right tenses in the language i speak.
There i find myself losing people i can learn from and who can also learn from me too. People who can be real friends ready to even lose some sleep for me.

I hear about some people, i mentally note never to be caught in the same room as they are. Based on what I have heard, may be gossip, i have thrown them out, locked up and flung the key into the deepest ocean my mind can create. I am talking deep here.
I am not saying everyone has to be your friend....or my friend...
However i must learn to first of all appreciate others no matter what clothes they wear, languages they speak or cannot speak, their sexualities, race or tribes, how they approach me, and most of all who they are.... includes never saying  things like ‘all musicians do this’ or ‘all Nigerians do that’
The first step is to consciously make an effort to accommodate people despite their flaws. I have flaws too. The next step is to consciously make an effort to overlook the said flaws, maintain a positive attitude and keep a smile on my face. Consciously because normally these are seriously difficult tasks, though when read seem easy.
Keep the good stuff in mind, heart and head; throw out the stuff termed ‘bad’ (sometimes we take out our bottled issues on others just because we can).
A lot of stuff we bottle up just lead to aches and pains that weigh our physical bodies down causing unwanted illnesses.

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