31 Days of Happiness day 6 and 7 and a couple of side hugs later

The other part of this post's title just had to be
May be I'll be brave to share later

Twould have been "may be someday, today focus" but I chose that instead...
As I was heading home last night I asked myself "what was the funniest thing that happened today?" I had no answer
To be honest, yesterday just passed. I was eager to cross my legs, watch something and eat well. - Day 6

In between reading an old stylist magazine edition this morning, mails and other thoughts later;
'Happiness is serendipity' popped in my mind.
Then I looked up the meaning of the word, I am happy I am right...

7/7 tenth anniversary today... My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced the pain... Martine Wright came to speak at the Fast Girls pre-screening at Notting Hill Gate I volunteered at in 2012. 

I was withdrawn to myself today and yesterday as well, it hasn't stopped me from being happy... I am just praying for a good change... I'm living my life like it's golden 🎵🎤

Got no idea why the song's playing in my head.

Ps: let's not stop praying for Whitney's daughter 
Ps again: I am happy I can say sadness is banned from me, now to move to the Joy of the Lord that is my strength 


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