31 Days of Happiness day 10 swing swing

It rained so heavily today, and by the end of the day I had a brilliant idea for a concept I am working on.
I hope the idea isn't washed away by Monday...

I haven't put so much thought into day 10's post but I was thankful for the start of day 10 and now... the end too

I read earlier about twin brothers who were mixed up and lived that way for 24 years. Even I had Mixed emotions and I haven't seen them ever in my life.

I am a step closer to earning money out of one of my other skills and I am happy about that. Company registered, first customer deal about to close in.

 I learnt this phrase this morning "Skill and talent are amazing, however only discipline makes them useful"

Happiness is a mood

Ps: the title is from an All-American-rejects song

Ps again: I have a big day tomorrow, I hope it works out well...


Blogoratti said…
More power to you as you keep following your dreams. Have a nice weekend!
Great quote. And I agree. Skill and talent only open the door. Then you need to walk through it with all your other abilities.
flygirlbidiish said…
Thanks @blogoratti you too. @mynameiserika true talk

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