31 Days of Happiness day 19-27morning

Today I will do well...
But this morning I am sad for Bobbi K

...and then come those ponderings on this life we live a blessing or a curse!


This past week...
I was so elated on Friday i thot I could burst with all the excitement. For I have been reading Jane Eyre and by all means it is messing with my speaking.

I have thrown myself all thru this week into planning a trip to where I can't disclose just yet. It will be worth it, I keep telling myself

I learnt that till one finds his or her purpose and fulfills the said purpose or works in/with it, then can the person actually live.

I have not been eating well so I took up ODing on 2 of my superfoods Garlic and Avocado, this weekend. Can't let my bodily defenses fail.

Ps. Happiness is a choice, happiness is contentment, happiness is an adventure, happiness is grounded understanding of oneself, happiness is charity, happiness is going on a journey, happiness is new things too, happiness is learning.

Ps again. I got paid for my newly added on vocation. I am embarking on building an empire...


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