Or so it seems

I was looking thru a couple of old posts and it seems I have been bothering on my sad spots... And I have decided to take charge and be happier no matter what!

A kind of challenge as July rolls in
31 days of happy moments...

The natural hair movement bug has hit Nigeria as well... I need to cash in but anyway I find it hilarious as well. So, a couple of days ago I was asked by an innocent looker "so how long have you been natural?"
*this is where the cassette tape gets scratched*
Firstly she said I like your hair. I had a couple of flat twists on my head. Shrugs,thanks, smile!

It's like asking how long someone's had a disease IMO!
"so how long have you been natural?" 
"so how long have you had Chlamydia?"

Or so it seems... 
Smh I dunno why I see horrifying looks of pity behind the smiles, and mischievous "she doesn't know what she is missing in bone straight hair" behind the innocent question of the length of natural hair days

This is all just me and my wandering imagination sigh!

Getting ready for onemic naija, show support! 
On music, I am currently in luv with the 1st ending theme song for the anime - hajime no ippo.

Ps: the picture is an old water colour painting of mine, yes she has natural hair thanks to the paint and brush


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