Rants from a heart so heavy

Yesterday, i went into Dominoes/cold stone creamy for the first time since I moved to lagos, well first time ever. Their service was a total -10 out of 10. I doubt if I would willingly go back.
Quality of Service over Quality of ice cream 

Last month I sat by the fat lady who sang Dolly Parton Songs probably 4.15hours out of a 5hours 30mins flight, she spent about 15mins in the loo at some point and the rest of the minutes trying to get herself off the plane.
For me it was an ordeal although thanks to BBC iplayer the Perfume movie kept me company and from wondering if the pilot and co-pilot were happy to fly together.

As I type my eyes are so dry from staring at my computer all day... Currently I am staring at another Apple device

Is there a cure for the heart so heavy? Don't even say laughter. For laughter seems short termed and like an analgesic it soon wears off when you most need it

Teach me the secret of happiness and I will always be grateful. Like the elephant I won't forget...

I deleted Candy crush from my device last month, any liberated souls want "candy crush free&glad" stories

Pray for World Peace, so much bitterness and sadness... So much...

Ps: I am in search of a new Job, a new challenge for this ever young Artist


JD Rambler said…
Maybe time - and the perspective it brings - are the cure for a heavy heart, or not... Hang in there..
flygirlbidiish said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
flygirlbidiish said…
Thanks @JD Rambler thank you

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