Ama- the girl born on Saturday

I loved my adventure in Ghana. I am on a mission to create unusual experiences for  myself...

Pardon my manners. Hello Blogville, it has been more than a minute. As usual, it has been that I was sort of lacking the "drive to type"

So I talked about going on journey earlier in the year, however it didn't seem like twas going to happen. Then I considered changing the country option and then.... Ghana.

And off I went to try out something new.
My friend was a super amazing host, ensuring I was comfortable all the time. 

Part of day one had me looking - yes o - looking for a hotel when I got in to Accra. Then I got the shock!!! 

Telling a cabbie the street name will get you absolutely no where...
This is an issue, imo

I stayed at the Central Hotel Osu. It was a simple budget hotel and the staff was nice and friendly. Friendly I say cos this isn't particularly usual.
Walked down Oxford street Osu. Yes they do have Oxford street, yes it is lined with shopping, no there is no Topshop on this road.

Got to run now, reality beckons

Ps: the picture was taken in front of a mall that has shoprite in it... on Oxford street


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