this is your year

the title.... I've started this year hearing people say "this is my year" *flygirl shrug* 😊 this is your year!!!
I won't start going on about being sorry that I have neglected blogger, my blog...
I am sooooooorrrrrrryyyyyy
like a part of my life was on the low key....

I have missed it all
its February but heck, happy new year people, glad to be able to say
so quick catch up, I have turned 30, I have had a career change and prolly soon will be married

ok that's out of the way I am glad that stylist has an app
I can see halos on the heads of the person who came up with the idea, the app builder
I don't miss London so much any more.... O well Selfridges shop windows will always have a place in my ❤
soapy! I know

glad to be able to read the out spoken Lucy Mangan

shortlist do something tho
added to my mag rack is a wedding magazine Lord knows I have learnt nothing....
Esty on the other hand has been A*
Glad to be in the days of the internet...
in a meeting ... Can't believe I dumped all the management accounting stuff all those years slaving in the library
... O well happiness is key

  here's to good food times and laughter


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