dont miss the black star elephant

as usual something leads to something which leads me to blog...a post
Today, its Nico & Vinz
I can't believe I just caught on. NO I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST CAUGHT ON!!
Been hearing 'am I wrong' been humming it sometimes ruining good moments by even singing
I never bothered to know the amazing talent behind the song or find out what the video looked like. I don't really like music videos, creativity is good, the barely clothed girls are my issue, so I avoid them videos.
How could I have missed them!? Something about them reminds me of Tinchy, the effortless glee in making music when you know a lot of effort, time, skill, talent etc has gone into it. Glad to say I am now a happy owner of Black Star Elephant, the first Album/Music on my 2years old itouch 4th gen.
the pod is for podcasts only but for them two I chose to break rules too.

I would enjoy painting with them two singing 🎶 in the background

What are you listening to?


T.Notes said…
Ahhh.....all i knew it as, is that catchy tune i hear every now and then during grocery rounds......

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