one bored day at work

today i'm havin an exceptionally bored day at work coupled with the fact that i hav been talkin to Ivan - luke's imaginary friend in "if you could see now" by Cecelia Ahern ..... the author of "Ps i love you"..................freaky!
lol!!! i'm jus kiddin
i'm soooooo bored i'm thinkin i'm seein things n hearing things :-(!
oo the leech talks aloud to herself .....who knows the leech prob sees olivia lol!!!!
told the leech the stuff yestaday tho i left out some stuff
so officially the leech is off,sadly we don't get to talk about the leech anymore
bo-ho-bo-ho no one to taunt n bully one this spot lol!!!!!!
double dee is such an ingrate!!!!!!!!!!!! someone's not gettin help from me anymore it seems
oh! dear why can't i jus call in ill one day n then ask my friend to take me out for the day **wishful thinking
some silly bad lady driver hit my front bumper this mornin. it was no big deal cept she's a bad driver!!!
read a stupid; really stupid gossip mag today and they wrote about the lady my uncle's getting married soon-to-b aunt yea!! i found that funny tho
but the mag always writes a load of crap n irrelevant things,their best line seems to b "what u don't know so so and so!!!!!!
..........even facebook is/was somewhat boring
one of the dude's here at work has oral malodor .......halitosis......foul breathe!!!! geez i don't mean to b rude about it jus that!!!! its disgustin
i had to help him with some stuff while he stood by my side talkin. i really really wanted the ground to swallow his breathe aaagh!!! ooh! it stank!!!! well i noticed a long tym ago but today's b oredom made it smell more!!!
i'm sooooooo broke coupled with my boredom bein spendin money like it grew in a tiny garden in front of my house. so i had to curb myself besides this comin month of march i'll hav to spend on quality stuff and then its my uncle's weddin comin up in april, he'll prob hav my head if i showed up lookin like.... i can't even tell....worse than the maids
and he's the last of 8 my gramma has.spoilt to the bone by everyone...........i mean really spoilt lol!!!! i shouldn't b caught sayin that
saddly ............ there will b a lot of shoutin
my granma loves to shout, my mom seems to hav taken it up wotever is goin to happen to me!?!
fun-ly part............lots of it will b made back all the while havin fun its goint o b a tradional / proper english weddin............the bride has an english father
so i hav been thinkin about wot dress i'll b wearin and also how i'll survive soo much make-up on that day pwetty boring wish i could b in skinnies a tank and my boho bangles
i'm off to check the sites for fab dresses we (meanin my sisters cousins and i) could wear

hopefully i don't get too bored tomorrow!!!!

ooh before i!!!! i want to list out the things i'm thankful for
i'm thankful for my God and Saviour
i'm thankful for my family
i'm thankful for my blessings
i'm thankful for my talent :-)!!!!!!!


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