why did the leech comeback!?!

ok its me again the melancholic IT girl who blogs on this page!!!!...........in case......
spent my morning reading extensively on;
  1. yoga - which i hav decided notto take up anymore
  2. my star n all wots associated with it - which i hav thanked God for
  3. being a melancholic - ha ha! so other people could come up with theories and classify human beings n the likes

i decided against yoga becos i 'feel' it would b again my own religious belief and me.....myself.....

don't get me wrong - i like indians, i like the hindu culture i like their wedding ceremonies also and i'll like to go to india n attend one too but we all hav our "circles".....inner circles and as such i won't b a yoga person instead i will create my own methods of exercising and mediating on the word of God the bible together.........paul wrote that physical exercise profits the body a little also

I learnt about my star being me being a capricorn this morning. I really enjoyed readin about the characteristics,the guidin planet and even diseases of a capricorn......thats totally funny to me

how can the star sign determin wot sorts of illnesses one gets to hav eventually..... or whenever

all the same i enjoyed learnin about bein refered to as a capricorn....i love art n music, i could get repressed n tho i like/may not like people i never never trust, i am enthusiastic about some stuff n not enthusiastic also, i change my moods, i'm an idealist(funny i thot over that matter last week!), i'm determined and i love to think....etc i liked everything i read and i saw some truth in them.

then i went on to take an online personality test only for the peeps to let me know that if i required the results i'll hav to part with my own $30........psst! i'll hav gone to a psychologist if i wanted to pay for the test!!!yada!yada!yada!

i went on to read about bein a melancholic.............i was once told i was by a really annoyin roommate of mine in college also i took a test once that put me in the class of high melancholy and little traces of sanguine

so being a melancholic i am a neat-wit.......true talk the first thing i did this mornin after i got out of bed was to close the wardrobe door which the termite had left open by the way the termite will b known from henceforth as double dee...................daft dirty/dirty daftee......wot ever!my sister wanted to know why i didn't tell the leech there n then that she should move.....i checked her sign also she's a scorpio a ha! a brave brave one she is well i told her i think first then act! lol!!! she had to get off chatting almost as soon as she got on it....must be her work

i ate an egg with two yokes in it on saturday night.......i'm so happy becos i hav jus too much good luck in store for me

the leech came, i had the deepest frown on my face! why did the leech come back

too much words no action see wot it makes of people................i don't need an apology becos if she wanted to say one she would hav said it weeks ago. i don't demand an apology becos i don't need one! she only did herself harm n not me saying stuff to people and all........she pissed me off along tym ago n i didn't hold her for it nor did i curse her.........she said bad things about me, did i kill her? by no means!

i'm "the girl"!!!! honey n u come to my house use my soap (lol@ that) and press the toothpaste at the wrong point!

ok i'm bein nasty again! really i hav no use for her(i'm not sayin it in a proud way) actually i don't wamt her to b termed as my friend becos she can't keep her mouth in the least shut!, she always wants to know the business of other people n she thinks bein an IT girl is something u work for!!!@ the leech- baby! you hav to be born IT!! there's no hard work! she's always diallin some random number or the other just to hear and gossip about this n that!! with her lousy friend or friends aikona!!!! wot a shame!!! she always wants or i'ld rather say needs the pity of others

its is self flattenin!!!

i spoke to esty last nyte OMG!!!!!G = gosh!!!! lol!!!! i'm jus bein silly anyways i had fun talkin to the dude again n he was like i shld come to his place jus before i go to the beach nxt sunday naa i'll b goin wit my bf.....who i havnt dumped yet!!!! imagin me sayin jus that........silly me again........i hav been thinkin about the kind of groom i'll have hmmm!!!!!!we talked about our footie club......oh! yeah!!...we are fans of the same club n all.....n he was so silly bout it made me laff i'l say......said he's kids must belong to that club n can't get married out of it

didn't do much at work today tho,was still creating logos for an new company


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