i'm jus one helluva sad clown!!!! :-(!!!!

yup sad sad sad sad sad!!!! sad, weary, forlon jus tired i don't not happy not feelin too good

plain and simply sad!!!!

i'm seriously dumpin my nu boyfriend...........SERIOUSLY!!!! y oh! why!! do i start stuff leg first n not head first anyways he's gone ooo by the way i had a good weekend minus the part where the my club drew n is now second on the chart n my 2nd best footie country lost n now are out of the championship

the leech came back on friday n i told her never to lie if she knew wot was good for her {LOL!!! didn't actually say the last part) n she was like "ooooo i didn't lie i really travelled u can ask my mom" psh!!!!! y should i? i'm i ur mom's friend (i asked that) LOSER!!!!!!!!!

n the termite oh! the termite!!! she's really strivin hard bien (africaans: very) hard to get into my bad book!!!! poor thing if only she knew that would b a wrong move lol!!!!(btw i made up my mind not to let her get into my car again!) no more car trips for the little termy!!! i'll jus drop the bomb shell on sunday wen she's all dressed up n ready to enter my car :-)!!!!! nasty lil me!

i'll say "honey i spent effort (lol!) greetin u all thru the week n u acted like u had lead in ur mouth yea! it seemed her mouth was damn too heavy to open

so since u can't greet back y in this world would u want me to help u!!! so for my conscience sake i don't want u in my car whether in front (where i hav to see when i look at my right mirror)or at the back when i look at my car mirror) euk!!! people!!! u make them feel comfy n they throw back in ur face!!!! ok!! thats it no more no more!!!............btw after usin my toothpaste to the last dropable drop (lol!!!) she bought herself one.............so lame so lame!!!!!! she's really goin to learn a sad way n i'm goin to laff hard!!!! nuff of the termy little nudnik

okz didn't do pwetty much in saturday didn't draw, didn't read, didn't actuall go out!!!! my car had to b fixed other wise............... jus lets say something else coulda bein brewin somewhere lol!!!!
n i spent a lot of money (kind of considerin howmuch it is i get paid) then i went out to get bread other wise not sandwiches over the cos of the week...................here i am wishin i had got a best of both............. twas white bread i got tho

then on sunday went to church YUP!! i did n i loved i,t loved it

my gramma came,then i went to pick my friends up n we went for the shoot..............twas askin about lov oops!!!! a state of the mind!!!! on thing that also equates the rich n the poor!!!!! LOVE!!!! when u get to imagin so much crap shit n nonsense n let ur imagination do the thinkin n not the mind!!!! lol!!!! then the beach oooooo!!!!!!!! the boat ride their rocked n the boat ride back was tirin....................cos we were somewot marooned on the island!!! lol!!!!! the boat to for ever to come back n get us

watched my all tym fav laanites...................mandles n alyce!!!!!!!!!! wot a combo but wit the laanites nything comes

mr meintjins gav errol money n he spent it on a cd n knock outs only to ruin the end of year party at venessa n xander's place n let matron's dog (yup she has a dog..............she's takin care of it for some one tho) run away lol!!!!!!!!!!! ryno n isabella both invited jan hendrick n helena to dinner...............they really didn't mean to but they pitied their 'alone' state enterin the new year lol!!!!!!!! i think they will make a good couple tho...........i miss dezi but then the show must continue oooo!!!!! n bart n karien's ex(forgotten his name tho) yea saw some woman talkin to charmaine n they spoke about tessa n bart n later the woman went to the boutique n told tessa how sorry she was n all!!!!!!( i don'teven know who she was) felicity seems to b losin on her case, they claim that her blood has that much alcohol in it so xander thinks she should plead guity n all

i hope she really doesn't go to jail

twould hav been better if she had stayed on in spain o!!!! or gone back after she found out about venessa n xander!!!! lol!!!!! oubas wanted to spend his 31st of dec nyte watchin tv but the noise from the party at v & x's place was disturbin so he got to go to tell them to turn down the music ony for him to start drinkin tequila there, then hilda came on later to join twas a fun party till errol messed it up lol!!!! mw robert the guy altus n his staff worked for is really disturbin karien

..............jus got back from my college alma mata!!!! i'm soooo glad i am done with that, been done for three years goin now but anytym i step my feet in there there the look of glee on my face that, that part of my life is overrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!


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