Friday the good day

I've been learning a lot about Grace
........there much more and much more Grace thanwe can imagine
it is sometimes enough for us humans year in year out to perform the rituals
and routines sacrificially.........not taking time to ponder and understand.
We ought not to take delight in physical display but in true spiritual believing;
Not in walking about with wooden crosses and thorny crowns.....
In view of all the rituals and routines, I hope someone took time to gaze on the risen Christ
the Glorified and Grace-ful Christ with so much love, His blessings have made us rich without
adding any sorrow
let Good Friday be full of thanksgiving moments, rejoicing that no more are we weighed down
by the weight of sin, He has called his own
*greater love has caused that he lay His life for his friends, His people* 

******it is a relationship He has with us not a religion we have with Him******


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