september starts with something to remember

It's been a good day today, the first day of September. I am grateful.
The last two weeks of August were a bit too 'closing'
like the part in star wars ep iv, after princess Leah had been saved and they were in some waste disposal
chute with walls coming together, ready to mash them up.
Death is a horrible thing, but each time i am reminded that part of the bible that says we don't grieve as people without hope. So i am filled with hope instead.

It's a new month, and this September, my phone, and I will say our final good byes. One of my longest relationships - that phone. It has finally given up. On thursday, I had to get me another blackberry which is called gRtFl. That's grateful in shorter letters. So i shall be mailing envirofone pretty soon.

iwilltell 2012 theme
So what's on this week? It's the iwilltellfilm festival week and today, Africa United showed.
Absolutely brilliant and Debs Paterson, the director was around for Q&As.
Ephrem, Debs Paterson and Jenny iwilltell 2012

It was lovely and I thought to share. she said a lot of stuff, here's one of things i wrote down "there is tremendous power in weakness". I'm just glad to have been a part of today's stuff. Yesterday, there was a celebration for Trinidad and Tobago's independence and one of those guys who play those Trini tenor chrome drums was making lovely music.
Those pictures were definitely not n.a.l.a material, dear Blackberry, i know how have a lot on your plate but err the pictures can still try to come outa tad better
 So are you in London? Would you like to see lovely movies and even get a chance to talk to some directors, mingle and ask questions? Are you a budding film maker, casting executive, film critic? Come on down to Nottinghill gate
Like Dudu, wear the jacket of 'nothing is impossible' whilst you've still got breathe in you.

playing as i type: wake me up before you go go by wham!

ps: the other day i walked into waitrose and i saw that they were showing around new staff, I thought aha! someone finally got it, so there will be less queues. PInG! wrong, 3 times i have had to still queue since that day. So what am i getting at? there are 9 tills and each time time there are 3 people or less operating at the tills.

here's to the smiles that September brings, the laughter and good memories, the going away of summer and the coming thru of the autumn season and to the comfort in Christ that he reigns


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