seeing and then some

As i type this post, I am listening to the Ugandan Artiste Exodus...

This crossed my mind a couple of days ago and thought it worthwhile to share my thoughts...
"So many times, what you are looking at is not what you actually see"
There is something about vision, seeing and perception. They are related and can stand independent of each other in different contexts.
I was walking passed the flagship Selfridges Store, and you would know that the store has very creative and interestingly arranged merchandise on their shop windows. Shop windows are the invitation cards without the print

So many ideas are borne from seeing as well as perceiving and to an extent a level of vision, to get the message across, people have to see something - the essence of visual merchandising and adverts in many occasions. Seeing is done through the physical eyes and seeing through the eyes of the mind. The 'running tap' must have been an absurd idea at its onset however today it is as normal as the air we inhale.
Vision gives generations the opportunity to supersede past generations in many areas of living and with vision comes foresight, insight and hindsight, .

In other unrelated news,

God bless Mandiba! he is such an inspiration and I pray he is totally strengthened


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