a note on today

I was lost in my thoughts
I was on the bus
It rain all through today
It was a grey and cold
I had noticed the man at the bus stop, but felt he was shifty
I judged
He stood behind right at the door
He tried to press the bell, his hand brushed over mine
I was lost in my thoughts, a slight tweak of the lips but no eye contact
I dismissed him.
Got off the bus and then it hit me, he was still behind me,
Gradually but slower as he tried to exit the bus also
we looked at each other, then it hit me, I was just plain horrible...

This time i forgot to smile and this time, it could have counted.
as he walked into World's End Health Centre
on today? I am so sorry
copyright. flygirlbidiish.blogspot.com 2013
so i


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