on the week that went by

The week went by glad to be alive, Man City FC lost to Everton FC... some good in that :)
Many things in the last week however two events stood out.
So in Nigeria and among Nigerians 'my oga at the top' was trending.
me *shrugs* the tshirts i saw looked cool.
I am of the opinion that the man who was interviewed simply got what he deserved and hopefully a real change trigger. It seems (IMO) light up naija didn't trigger change nor did the occupy naija trend.
Nigerians have had enough of 'waffling' seriously!

  1. This man was utterly ignorant and was glad to publicly show it. Of he knew what the interview on air was clearly about and should have ensured that he worked towards it. But no he didn't. And this is an example of so many so called leaders in the country. Leaders who make no effort to be hard working. A society that doesn't encourage 'the need to keep learning' will fail. Clearly he refused to 'keep learning'. The year my grand aunt turned 80 years old she took up computer lessons and why you ask, she said computers are the 'it' now. She retired a secretary and is a seamstress, she really has no business with 'ctrl c'. A man holding such position should know that computer and technology are here to stay and ought not to have been in such funny situation. By the way, i am pretty sure a number of 'training' receipts have passed thru that department. 
  2. This man clearly has never had a high regard for homeworks. If he did his homework, he would know what the interview will entail and the sort of things he ought to be ready to say on live tv. If he did his homework he would not have a problem speaking or giving answers to questions asked. If he did his homework he will know to have been well-prepared. Life's too short to play the victim's card especially when clearly one has chosen to be ignorant.
I simply hope that real lessons are learnt. He doesn't need to be suspended, he needs to learn and so do many other 'so called leaders' and the oga at the top too. I am pretty much sure that a number of policemen there do not know how to tune a tv manufactured after 2005 of the square root of 16 :|. Education is the key, this isn't rocket science. It is simple stuff. A man who stops learning is not a man alive. I have simply had enough

Event number two - was comic relief. I can't be funny but i can give what i have and what i am able to and that's cool. yea :)
Comic relief is lovely, a good laugh and for a good cause HOWEVER AFRICA enough is enough.
I speak to Africa as a continent, because i am aware that a number of people do not know that. They say Africa and think a small land with a number of poor people on some low level rundown non-producing land. Myopic thinking however forgiven... Anyway AFRICA aid-accepting is enough. 
Malaria is terrible however i am sure if people work towards cleanliness, that is a good start to curbing malaria. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes... I am not saying that the end of dirty stagnant water is the end of mosquitoes, I am saying that it is simply a part of the big picture... And then selling fake drugs and medicines? That is just dim... Anyway I like comic relief but I will like a year of no funds,  instead a show of the actual projects that have kicked off. I will like to see what all the monies raised in the last 3 comic reliefs have done. I would like to see people, celebrities, going to places to help and be helpful and not simple to show a 'pity case' and that is a challenge... not climbing a hill or slapping on some insect repellent in the 'jungle.' No offence - I have had malaria times without number, been give medicine i was allergic to... and served my country thru the NYSC programme (that is a challenge!)

It is lovely to give, however AFRICA just learn that the 'receiver' is a subject of the 'giver'. A certain government vowed to match some funds or thereabout. Dear certain government why wait for the aid? Really? There is some dignity in taking initiative. There is a lot of shame in being greedy.
I just believe that each NATION in the continent of AFRICA needs to stop playing the victim's card... Rise up... Fight... Live... Be alive
That brings to mind one of the my best movies from 2012, 'Red Tails' and the intro to that movie "Blacks are mentally inferior, by nature subservient, and cowards in the face of danger. They are therefore unfit for combat." " 1925 U.S. Army War College Study" - (reference the Movie Red Tails)

a stature of Gandhi... tavistock sq i think ( i just like the stature)
Africa, you are more than aid.... and Jesus loves you, you know


Enitan said…
so true. every.single.word.
oluSimeon said…
true talk..

couldn't find an email address on here, if you don't mind, would like to have it,..

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