one of those issues

I get high on 'happy' like people do on digestible alcohol and other stuff. And so I have my high and low moments too.
Well in one of my in-between moments, a thought crossed my mind the other day.
"do we find security in money?"
I pondered, and thought deeply as I walked to buy bananas among other supplies about this question.
I have noticed a lot of new cars in the area, two phantoms to be precise, seems the neighbors are striking paper gold somewhere anyway, so I thought further... it can be security enough if it will keep you in a house or somewhere you call home.
It can't just end there. In my opinion, it is a cycle.
Work to get money - get money to buy stuff - When there is demand, inflation or uniqueness, 'stuff' become or get more expensive' - and then you have to work more
and it keeps going round and about like that, like the wheels of Ben-hur's chariot.
But, it is understandable, or don't you think so?
We've grown to depend on it, after all we 'need' it. See
Money, pays for a roof over our heads. In this country and many others, it keeps the cold at bay. In hot countries money manufactures cold air some how.
Money seems to keep clothes on our backs, in out wardrobes and takes us out on the streets looking more.
Plenty money can get you that quick and fast ride. To some, money can get them 'things' for 'good health'.
*pin* *bursting the bubble*
no there really is no security in it. i am not being a Sourpuss.
You see, Money can bring with it woes, worries and some very very bad habits too.
So there really is no security in it.
All i am saying is don't put your trust in money such that you spend so much time chasing after it neglecting your family and friends, your health, and even life's purpose trying to purchase material things of this world.
You know no one was born will clothes on.... Just remember that one day we'll quit living in this world and all the money we will leave behind.
Remember to always work hard, remember to learn to rest as well and experience real living.
Jesus loves you.

So i haven't done a product review in a bit, someone put this sample conditioner into my shopping a couple of weeks ago (odd because i did not buy hair products) and I finally got to try it. Being a Herbal Essences junkie, i am impressed by Dove. However, my hair has to get wet for me to decide how well i am impressed by this product. Why? If  you use herbal essences, you will know quite well the smell stays in your hair even after 2 weeks.... So if you get beaten by the rain, the smell from your hair is no funky hair smell....
It has 'intensive repair' written on it, and i believe it does that. I'll buy it, three tries and  i will decide.


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