life not so golden

Watched the prisoners episode 2 on iplayer a couple of minutes after i started typing this post. Actually, i was moved to type this post because i watched it.
So many thoughts crossing through my mind as the cameras follow the lives of two girls  and one guy, the guy my age-mate and one of the girls ten years younger....
At 18, i was in my 3rd year at Uni, 1st Degree, life was, you know cool, the required responsibilities, the added blessings, living my life like it’s golden... watching that episode... it is really, really sad
I have been complaining about politicians who have made it their aim to pull down what others have built (may be one day i will type out my thoughts), I have complained about the victim mentality Africa nations have but...watching that episode...
It is soooo sad, I have been telling myself, Lord make a way like we all need help.
This post is going to be full of irrational typing.... young children who believe that life is – well – bada bing bada boom, *shrugs*you know that is just the way it is, may be they are not worth living, no hope, fear of the unknown... How could it get to that?
I wear a necklace, that reminds me of two things, I have a dream to fulfill and I am a star...
I’m so sad about it... I just pray... one way, i will like to help too.

Ps. help to make sandwiches for the homeless, extra hands are always needed, be a blessing to someone, spread a smile, make someone's life count, let happiness be contagious....


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