un poco acerca de esta semana hasta el momento

a little about this week, so far

I was at the pre screening of the movie Fast Girls
I had goose bumps and I still wonder why I gave up long distance running
I am pretty sure my heart hasn't given up running long distances
It is simply waiting for my legs and head to take it up again
I loved the movie, every bit of it.
I really believe that I have to always learn lessons from what I watch
hence why I watch more cartoons and less movies.
hasta, whenever I watch a movie, I tend to say so on my blog
Lame, pero, whatever
What did I learn from Fast Girls?
1. I will watch it again and again and again
(so when it comes out in June please watch it too)
2. Pursue whatever your goal is
i.e. Get that goal of yours, it doesn't matter what age you are, or what people have been telling you
3. There will always be haters or whatever you want to call them
they may not necessarily be haters, they actually can't see what you see
Por favor, esto sera largo
yes people it is a long post
4. Everything started as someone's idea
ta! even blogger was someone's idea. Ideas are today's world's billion dollars corporations
Ok I may be beginning to sound like those motivational speakers
It has been warm in london town for about 3 days now Sweeeeeet!
and boy! people are loving the sun, I even get random "hellos" from unknown to me fellows
Sunday, and it was OneMic_Uk day yay!
lol and it was fun
all the artistes nailed it and the open mic guys were 'tender'
so if you love music....play it, listen to it, like it, whatever
come down to June's OneMic and err follow them on twitter too
I got an olympic ticket...but couldn't get the other one I really wanted
any orange rockcorps kinda thing for the olympics? I can work pretty hard just to see the Basketball games
I am very hands-on like that, I don't shy away from hard work at all

So the electricity here tripped off last night and two cool fellows sorted it out for me today
funny one of them asked 'people can actually survive without electricity?'
A lesson my country needs to learn *said like Master Yoda*
A  big Shout to them, you guys did me a huge favour, God bless yous

ps: coming into london this summer? remember this town isn't all about shopping. There are places to go and different things to eat.


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