knowing me knowing you

yea you can tell i am listening to ABBA hence the title of my post.
i get so emotional these days, like a 37 year old expecting her 3rd grand child
i stopped work last friday.... and it was overwhelming
so i will miss the bus chases early in the morning. Every day i had to work apart from the alternate sundays i told myself "6am i am out of this building"
6:20 am i puffing and calculating what time i need to get to the corner of artesian road before i am officially late, by the way i am very much at home.
Then i am walk-running to catch a 23 or a 7
omd! funny times...
I think no matter what, at different times of each day, we should pause whatever we are doing and simply laugh at ourselves just because. Laughing is like a good tonic for the soul.
so i will miss the maze involved in putting stock out. Sometimes even the codes never help. I made up for myself a technique so i am not walking about unnecessarily.
i will most of all miss everyone...
the nicknames, the good laughs, the muffins, the jokes, the footie talks, the sighs, the frowning customers, the happy customers, the extra hours, the briefs on the ground floor... it was an experience

...breaking up is never easy but i have to go....
knowing me knowing you is the best...


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