a little of anything 2

once upon a time but not so long ago,
I learnt about Man's inhumanity to Man.
sadly though I only learnt about it,
it hasn't stopped happening.
Why are they so selfish? I ask, wonder...
Because of money? Money that won't follow them to the grave.
Why are they so wicked?
Because of power? Power crumbles and strength fades
Why are they so callous?
Because of fame? Fame only gets as far as the world wants it to get
It is really sad... about it, i am really sad...

in other unrelated stuff, i am glad about this day. I learnt some more and added to existing plans
About Rio, have you heard about Casa Brazil? No? Yes? ok nothing to tick here, so 
just click it.......
sojourn to Rio :)


TheRustGeek said…
Good luck with your Rio plans... Thankfully we get two bites of the cherry (in the sense of two incentives to make the trip).. The world cup and then the Olympics.. #Bliss

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