scripted commentary... no?

not one to name things after animals
naa *shakes head* naa mehn!
it's kind of a low thing for me
So the Olympics -
I have sacrificed other sporting events i like to watch most Basketball games
saw a bit of rowing and sailing - men's
football - but of cause
200m men's finals - swimming to name a few other games
I've watched the guys dunk and the women make 3 points, Snell's is still the best of both  male and female games
Today recorded some incredible come backs, Argentina was good this morning, Russia and Brazil....
6.1 seconds to final whistle, the Russian coach calls for a time out with the Russians down by 2 points, I'm like what!?
6.1 seconds... Russia scores a 3pt and wins by 1pt, Even GB trails after 4qtrs of playing by 1pt to Espanol
I'm like Wow!?
USA and Nigeria hit a nerve, naa more like peeled a scab!
those 3pt shots! *shudders*
one thing however, despite the laughs and jeering and what have you ....(especially twitter),
the Nigerians played on still. Everyone else could go all technical and criticize and whatever only because they are/were on the other side, watching. Seriously these boys have spirit too, think they were really glad abou'the score??
With the other two games left Nigeria, I simply want to see the zeal that was in the first game
I want to see a new togetherness, and some game play bonding,
and most of all, some smiles too

ps: yes! negativity plenty of it on the mics *hmm hmmmm*


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