forth in thy name oh Lord...

and May the odds be on your side
I watched the movie Hunger games today and it wasn't bad
you know how you get on another kind of thinking cap with these sort of movies...
the sun shined again but trust me it wasn't warm
Oh My Goodness, i was cold e joor!
i was trying to let myself get deceived "sun shinning in the sky no mean say cold wind no go blow"
any how sha na so i commot my house with no scarf,a flimsy sweater and a blazer for fashion's sake
mistake 1
watched the movie, got ice-cream and frozen yogurt and headed to a part of regent's park i actually haven't been to
small time na cold wind chase us commot from the park!
perambulating and the likes, we end up at bK finally time to head home
the kin'cold wind wey dey blow sha no wear jacket o
on top every, im b like say i wan pee
mistake 2
notin abeg i go brave am, i opted for the train
why not if not
basically, the bus journey is about 15 minutes. There is a direct bus, no direct train
tori! i got into the first line, changed at the right place, got to the third and final line na so i jus jump enter the train wey i see for platform
mistake 3
the train was goin in the opposite direction
all this while i still wanted to pee
got off at the next stop, got to the right platform entered the train, 4 stops.
stop 1, 2 fine. stop 3 na so the train door refused to close
i was treading on a very thin line here.
finally the doors closed,train jerks a little then we are off.
my stop....i walk gracefully out and as i head to the escalator
a though crosses my head, "it's funny how we just dunno what's going on in each other's heads"
in my own head "i just need to get home now!"
as i dey climb on top the escalator, the tune to the hymn "forth in thy name o Lord i go"
lol i dunno where it came from but i couldn't laugh out loud!
5 minutes walk and i was home
ahaaaaaaaaaa pee-ing can like to feel good sha


Enkay said…
Lol! You did take one gamble too many lady.

Thank God you got home in one piece without peeing yourself!
flygirlbidiish said…
lol you know i really did

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