BHM - Lover hero kinda guy

It is Black History Month (BHM) and I have never ever done anything erm relating to that, so this year i have decided to do random stuff on Black or being get the drift

so....... I  lurv to watch Black comedy and all of that
Black men make amazingly good comedians hmmmm have you noticed?
have you also noticed that black men don't do that superhero shee'd
cape.....underpants....spanx long john..... lol
no, you never catch a grown black man in all that superhero costume
he may watch it, but he isn't dressing like that!

In black movies, the superhero guy is the good looking guy who knows how to love.
Lover-hero kinda guy!


La Reine said…
I didn't know there was a BHM in October. Must be a ukland thing.

Long time, chicka...
flygirlbidiish said…
i think it's general
lovely chatting with you B

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