Oh Master, have I really been freed?

The black african man - He must be forced to live as the Master dictates. He cannot function properly as society requires so he must be a slave. Education, no he must forget his language and speak the Master's own language. After all the black african man is a barbarian and has no manners. The black african man, like every animal to placed at home must be tamed.

To what good has that been?

I am sitting at home as Nigeria celebrates her independence day in the thick midst of generator fumes and noise amongst other issues.
 Woe betide my neighbour's generator for the loud noise it makes.

Today my real heroes are those who truly sacrificed their lives to govern their nation so that everyone in the nation can prosper. When everyone prospers, the nation then prospers. My real heroes are those who placed everyone in the nation's needs before theirs.
They told theMaster that the black african man can work together, the black african man can reason together, the black african can improve standards of living together. And so they rallied, journeyed, held talks, fought, so that a Nation of black african men like Nigeria are not treated like animals in a land they call there own.

The Masters had to leave so that the real land owners can work and so they gained that freedom. Today, so many so called politicians and people have 'rubbished' all these. And why tho, you ask, it is  for money's sake imo.

 Money is such a wicked slave driver. It was created by Man, but it has the ability to curse man. Many problems in the Nigerian society today are a result of Money's slave driving.

Let me break it down -
Poor thinking person (PTP) exists and works in a place. One day he is required to make some payments with Money, these payments will improve a number of things however the improvement won't start until the next day.  PTP has never been exposed to this sort of money before. PTP then stops thinking altogether. Money sees that and tempts PTP  - "don't make all the improvements, no one will notice instead let me treat you well" Money says to to PTP.
This treatment is short lived tho, but PTP is addicted. He must have more money at all cost on and on it goes till the fruits of letting money be a slave driver begin to show. In letting money be a slave driver lies selfishness, greed and thinking of one's self more highly than one ought to.

Here lies the summary of why many things in the Nigerian society do not work long after the heroes have opened a way.

While a good number of Nigerians celebrate Independence Day, I wonder if they know the true significance of the independence day. A lot of these Nigerians do not know their history, so they do not know what lessons to learn from their history, and what mistakes to never repeat. They do not know parts of history to celebrate and what parts of history to preserve so that wrong doing is done away with. O my people do not know. They pay dearly for this ignorance. A bulk of my
people do not preserve, they do not research and they do not read.

This my friends is not the freedom the heroes of old fought with their lives for.

And so I ask, on this day, Oh Master have i really been freed?

Celebrate all you want however a new thinking must ensue.
True change starts with you, how you manage your own things and then the things of others


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