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i really had to type this post tonight
firstly i'm totally gratefully to everyone who's takin off time to read my posts n leave comments too...i blame my lack of not havin my own system...i leave so little time to doin my blog rounds and when i'm done i hav not enuff time to type comments...
thank you ever so so much

i hav missed my library musings [Laughing out so Hard!!!...]
well today i had to post my latest muse there i was, sitting on the very hard and annoying chair,studying the accounting treatment of Leases when some dude walks up to me...(i changed libraries since March or so)...
were are not allowed to talk out loud in the library this guy whispers some stuff.
I don't hear what he says but he's holding up a white piece of paper with stuff written in green ink on it and indicatin that i read it
me: OOoo what's this? then i scheme thru
its a Note..."My mom says when i see beautiful women i should acknowledge..." didn't really read the rest
scrolled down to the last sentence which was "Are you goin to be in the Lib on saturday?"
then he signs off his 4 letter name with a mix of letters and numbers.
WHAT!!!!!!!!! dang!!! i can't even laff or smile or pick up my phone to send an sms to my friend
what in the world????? if any guy walked up to me and did that, when i was in SS3 i'll slap the guy.....or something......ok all i'm saying is that the last time anyone tried that i was SS1
what in the world????? i had to write this post in my little pink book twas jus hilarious....the last thing i expected today let alone happen to me...
anyways i answered the guy....... "i should be in the Library and if i am i may be sitting in the same place...dunno there's still friday to think about
so i had a good laff when he turned his back, i also decided the boy went to an all boys secondary school........forgive me but i'm still against single sex schools.....these are the kinds of things that happen honestly
fine i kno i can pass for a little girl who's just starting 6th form but still ahn ahn.......O gini? the guy's got jokes mehn!!
walked into any office today and two guys even started arguing about my clothe size.....0, 4 or 6
i wonder how it take concern them sef?
come saturday i'll add another post up this spot!!!
i have a new crush.........................Jason Derulo omg!!! i kno videos involve a lot of make up and editing but hello!!! that dude is F>L>Y like that sheesh! i don't mind someone hooking me up {dang and i'm sayin this publicly} nothing do me jo!
Big up to tinchy,everyday i like to hear his voice...

ps. crackers anonymous: i'm getting really good, i went thru the whole day only one miserable biscuit compared to the whole pack i down in a day...and that's a minimum
next month by God's Grace i'll do the giving up for charity thing......drop all the coins i spend on them crackers into a sealed bowl every has to work


Myne Whitman said…
So you be fine girl? Congrats on yor new toaster. LOL @ he went to an all girls school. Give us update after saturday ooo.

Let me go find out who deruloo is...
flygirlbidiish said…
did u find JR...jason derulo...? hawt shey?
new toaster

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