some things

i find it amazing that we can't particularly record every single day of our lives...record in PLAY BACK way
cept we get cameras and have tons and tons of stuff to watch.... kind of boring
.....when we want to remember stuff, we hav to look up in a 'silly' way lol! or hit our heads, or bang on anything we can immediately lay our hands on....table... most of which doesn't work we remember or we don't remember period. ha!

i find it amazing that no matter what, we...people...human beings...will always be liked and also 'not liked'... ok so our friends will like us blah-de-blah but definitely there will be people who won't like us let alone stand us
......."u actually know the girl/boy...gosh some very irritating chic/guy, i don't like her...
erm...well too bad this 'irritating' chic/guy has friends no matter what

i find it amazing that it is so hard to change the mindset of adults sometimes... they are so stuck in their ways it becomes obviously disgusting ish...sometimes their mind sets are in the most stupid things tho........not so sorry to say...

i find it amazing we meet other people thru friends and stuff and they remind us of other people too....

i find it amazing that like i drawing and music but my voice is soooooooooooo terrible when it has to err 'sing' lol!!!

gotta sign off the battery of this laptop is half dead and i'm off to load in or more crackers for the day.............i have a bad addiction on crackers is there some crackers anonymous group meeting i need help mates


Myne Whitman said…
Some of the things you listed I wonder at too, esp about adults and friends.

I will join you on the crackers Anonymous. LOL. I stopped buying cos I'll finish all I buy in one day.
flygirlbidiish said…
lol @ our crackers anonymous group
i finish a pack and a half a day i'll gettin serious syd effects

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