this mornin...

this mornin i decided to b nyc to the leech!!!! it doesn't harm or hurt to b nyc u know!
i still wonder why she likes to b pitied its rather saddenin!!! doesn't the leech know that it is underminin to hav peeps pity u all the tym
anyways i'm thankful that i don't think like the leech at least!!!!! LOL!!!!
this mornin i also hav a silly headache.its annoyin n its makin me feel helpless euk!!! i want to drink coke but....i hav to get rid of the hurt in the head
this mornin i was late to work!! thank gracious i was able to eat.............yea!! speakin of eatin i made scrambled eggs this mornin and they were good not burnt but lackin in salt sha
rev chino's goin on a sojourn, 2 down lol!!!! i'm totally goin to to b very ok in fact for the next 3 or so feels so good jus the thot of it!!!!
so yestaday i missed the laanites again but not the interns, meredith grey is ill and Dr bailey n george operated on her.she broke up with finn tho,n i think she chose mcdreamy ooooo!!!!! imagine she was so high on morphin she told bailey "see my 3 boyfriends came to visit me" and asked Dr shep how she knew "derek was the one" and called mcsteamy "mcsteamy" to his face
burke cooked cristina dinner,hmm thats one thing cos i dunno how she sticks him but yea!! she's in love yea! mcsteamy was hired by the cheif AAAAGHH!!!! mcdreamy was pissed so was Dr shepherd and alex is soooooo irritating she asked him to be off her team lol!!! serves him right i say!!!! izzy met danny's pop n she got $8700000 from him for bein his fiancee OMG!!!! *i sound lyk chandler---from friends---girl friend shanine or something lyk that!!!
imagine a patient lightin a cigarette in the hospital!!!!! right after Dr bailey asked that he has to stop smokin and mcsteamy guts up n tells bailey off later euk!!! to much ego in a guy
he later meets at the 'wotsitsname' bar where they all hang out n sees 'wotshername' kelly george's girlfriend n they leave together hmm!!!
this mornin i was nyc to the PC lady n helped her with her mail and other stuff, tho she wants me to learn her language n owes my pocket hahahaha some realy small.....pitance lmao!!!!
this mornin my bank account needs to b filled so does my car gas tank!!!
this mornin i'm jus wishin i was home doin other stuff than sittin in this chair or i wish my chair was more comfy


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