g.a.l.t - taking pictures with n.a.l.a 3

went to regents park...i pass it so often i have never bothered to know what goes on in there....well Saturday was beautiful and the pictures would tell too

1. ha it is said a real londoner knows not to feed the pigeons...the ducks may b and exception
2. love the flowers and the scene
3. love the landscape
4. feel the serenity
5. so much of a sole ribbon depicting the *Flag colours...they really wasted time mine and everyone who came round there as well
6. was on the bus and noticed someone dropped an apple

ps:say a prayer for YQ, he's really got a lot to deal with...


Myne Whitman said…
I love the pics, especially the flowers, reminds me of my time in the UK, hmmmm.
ochuko said…
[what happened to my previous comments? or did you ban me? ..lol..]
nice pixels.
what was the lady in the 3rd pix doing?
T.Notes said…
Wow....these are reeeeally niiiiice!!!!Peaceful***
Fragilelooks said…
im wit Tnotes on tis. Speak of PEACE.
flygirlbidiish said…
@myne come soon again :-)
@ochuko i didn't ooo.... she's on the phone...my friend actually
@T.Notes & @Fragilelooks :-) Peaceful...
tagskie said…
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joven said…
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robert said…
wow. the place looks peaceful. I'd love to come here sometime. :)

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