g.a.l.t And Easter comes to an end

image 1. the work station
2. the story of the statues
3. just liked the look of the building
4. some statues at the Liverpool lime street station

so i had the huge post all typed out in my head about Easter and how much fun it was...my hands [well they do the actual typing] wasn't down with all that
I had an interesting Easter break
did a lot of travelling outside London for a change. Rather enjoyed the quiet slow paced lives of they that live in small towns with the central town hall kind of system
did a little reading or studying for my exams aaaagh!!! bawring! Spent my yesterday tho studying at a children's library. Silly boys and girls were giving one of the librians a tough time running here and there and calling the guy a monster....tsk tsk tsk...what goes around sure does come around
did a lot of meeting new people as well...i'm learning to accomodate people, still working on the hugging and embracing part :-)

Easter was a good time, i'm grateful to have been a part of Easter 2010

ps: i have admired Vincent van Gogh and his works for a long time coming. though he had a hard time dealing with his Bipolar he's given us a lot of art works to ponder on...and like my twin will say "an artist is someone who produces things people don't need to hav but that he-for some reason-thinks it would b a good idea to giv them"....andy warhol!!
don't hate the artist, appreciate and thank God daily for the artist. talent has its weight


Myne Whitman said…
Thank God for artists o, they make the world and our experience in it richer. I didn't know you were a twin? Good luck in prepping for your exams.
T.Notes said…
U a twin??!Imagine, n all the while i thot u were someone else i knew!
Envying the hols.
Artists r truly a Godsend. Was watching a documentary on CNN last week on this popular contemporary chinese artist. Can't remember his envy, but boyyy i envied! Its a bold risk tho,2 dedicate one's life to the passion. Bold n admirable.I wish*
flygirlbidiish said…
lmao!!!! y'all got it wrong...er...er am i allowed to say that....not a twin per say...jus love calling andy warhol my twin - the guy's no more tho...
@myne thanks it will be good news
@T.notes you jus can't say yet- i'm the flygirl...that u know
Anonymous said…
true words T.Notes. Artists are sent from above. It's possible to take that risk of dedicating one's life to d passion.
So flygirl, you working on the hugging and embracing part :)
flygirlbidiish said…
@ochuko :-) i am tryin all ready
....passion makes me love what i do too
Zheive said…
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