g.a.l.t oh what a warm day it was

*laughing out loud* living here make very interesting chapters in the story of my life. This sort of interesting is a whole load of different.
It's a good experience too i'm not complaining....i'm embracing and growing
Today was a warm day ... well since 2010 began. In lagos peeps have been complaining bout the heat and all.
Boy were the streets full of people......and barely dressed
but the thing that irked me the most were the FEET!
i felt like the Normanmeyers -- from Adamm's family -- only this time i was not obsessing over underwear, i was sad for the horrific display of feet.
Sad to say this- even in Lagos with all it's dirt and dust, ahn ahn so many feet are still cleaned out well

Oh people let us not get carried away. Let cater for our feet clean out toe nails properly, wash and scrub our feet, preserve our feet...er em
May our feet always carry us to places where Joy abounds and Happiness resides

ps: i think i have a new crush...more like 2...the old one is still there...geez i don't even know...may be i'm just not thinking about management accounting lol!


T.Notes said…
@:...but the thing that irked me the most were the FEET!
Ehmm, ok, feet watching/policing? LoL. That's a new one!Tips noted.

N a definite amen to that prayer!
Anonymous said…
Amen to the prayer. I believe the prayer also covers dirty feet :-)

Thanks for the advice on feet care.
flygirlbidiish said…
lol @ T.Notes not really i was bored walkin and i noticed the feet's'
@ochuko it does... however they still need to be clean
blogoratti said…
Good,clean feet...always a sight to behold.

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