very important person

i have this friend who isn't paticularly liked by other people cos he quite proud. funny thing is a friend of mine saw him on the tube a couple of days ago and the best thing he could do was stare. she was really pissed cos we three went to college together. So if not for sakes of me being the mutual friend, then for college sakes he could hav mumbled a hi or an hello
at least they did back in school
thinking back at this {including her rantin}, i hav been wondering wot it means to.......feel important!
and wot it means to be important!!
feeling important is really just a thing of the mind.....err......psycho.....whatever suffix is appropriate
certain people are just not important but because they have developed a feeling in that line, they are allowed as it makes them happy or exicted, rather like a psychedelic thing!
i consider proud people to to be people who feel important!!!

on the otherhand, to be important is as it is ........... no matter wot they wear, eat, say or do........these people are liked, respected etcetera

its just funny we all get things twisted attimes when we speak and all

i'm really proud of the American swimmer Phelps omg!!!!! 11 olympic gold medals already
ish we are agemates and i'm still...........................
lets see what London 2012 holds

oh here it goes! lmao!!!


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