my grandpa

He was stern yet funny
He was upright and walked straight
He was a cheerful giver
He was slim and healthy always and wanted us to be healthy
He would say, when we open canned food and ate all sorts
Why would do u eat all these things and then laugh at us
Indomie was a no no to him
He always drank tea in the mornings
And when I have a glass of cold water
He would laugh
He ate a balanced diet at every meal
When we ran up the stairs
He would smile and say the days I used to do that are gone
He liked the farm a whole lot
The mangoes, the garden eggs, the bananas …
One day he said the only thing he can’t do anymore
Was lie on a mat
He wouldn’t let us toy with school
Even if he wasn’t in accord with the meal package
He called me little rat becos I would get tangled in between
The nearest legs and hide my face so I wouldn’t have to greet anyone
I still dislike greeting people
Its just not my thing
But it all happened, was it too quickly?
And then the pain, he became lean and frail
Yet this horrible thing kept growing
Till it was the size of a football
Still he was strong, but held all things together
His faith stayed firm and solid
He believed for his miracle, that the pain would go away
As he lay weakly, and we watched by the side
He raised his right hand up, we didn’t know why
For he couldn’t talk to us, he only turned his head to the direction of the sound of our voices
Then we sat and watched on and prayed in whispers
Just the way he had taught us
As he breathed heavily and often moved his arm
And we watched on till she noticed he wasn’t breathing
She got up and checked him, he had slipped on
She hurts more than we can ever do
For only she knew him more than we imagine
The pain will linger on, the sadness forever thick
‘Who will be my companion?’ she asks
It’s rhetorical, for she knows she has not one
She says no one expects this, but he didn’t tell her he was going
He said when you come then we will go together
In faith, walking hand in hand
Not one walking and the other lying down
She spoke out her heart
She asks all the ‘wh’ questions except, when, for she was there
She longed that he would speak to her
She says ‘I have no hope?’ how can I say to her she does
What do I truly know, I hold her and she sings that song my great-grandma loved
Then she remembers my great-grandma again, she shakes her head and stamps her feet
Strength is what she needs at this moment
He is no more pain, or sadness or despair
We have to be happy for him and with him
For only he knew what pains he went thru as he laid on the bed
He rests for now and we will meet again
And For every thing that happens he would say ‘Jesus is Lord!’
Jesus is Lord!

I wrote that for my grandpa
He passed on July 30 between 5:45 and 6pm
I keep wonderin if we lost faith at some point
I had to go to London to get my grandma some things
Was gone for about 4 and a half hours
On our way to the hospital my dad called that grandpa had slipped away
I was furious I said no
So we got to the hospital jus as the doctor was leavin so he came to our cab
And then said he’ld like to speak with us quickly
Then he said ‘ I’m so sorry that u hear this but ur granddad has passed on’
I felt the chill
When we got there earlier the said to us that he had a couple of days left and I prayed for a miracle
A beautiful hospital and warm and friendly
Burswood Christian Hospital
I finally got the piercing ….tragus… done in june but I pulled it while takin off a top
2weeks ago so it got sore and when I had to go to the speacialist
I felt soooooooo alone, I dunno I jus didn’t feel good
Did grandpa feel alone at some point?
He grew frail and thin and he’s tummy grew big
It was a tumor and it became as big as a football
I know he fought it well but God always knows best
Cos he came home to princess court in june
He ate well at least
He tried to be strong, when he was at home and I had to go out
He would say ‘the artist’ he always wanted me to keep drawing along side
…………..i was going to say ‘sorry’ to my uncle
and he jus had this out burst, gosh how embarrassed I was he apologized later at home
well sorry also I’ll jus keep my distance
that way I’ll feel alright I was even thinking of not goin home if my dad sent a ticket
but I threw that aside
right now my mum doesn’t understand, no one does
how can anyone explain to her that her dad is dead, how?
Of cos he couldn’t live forever but we knew he still had time
Saw my uncle he was also leaner, kept staring at him
He’s so much just like my grandpa except the nose
That’s my gramma’s. she said so many things while we sat in the room at the hospital
She felt pained and was in pain. Last year August 4 my great gramma passed on
And we were just planin the first year memorial
Now every year we’ll do both jus one ahead of the other
It hurts so bad, so bad
I close my eyes and see my grandpa in all the different ways
Even him lying there
He was in pain but his pain is no more
Oo my grandma wept hard, she did when we left the hospital and him to the undertakers
She wept and called his name and said ‘daddy we will meet again’
Grandpa I shut my eyes and I see you
How can any one explain to me that I can’t hug u anymore when go to akure
Or speak to u or watch u eat corn the funny way u do or watch u slice pawpaw with that salvation army pen knife or call to pray for us each night or call me on my birthday
I remember how every Christmas, twas mint notes for each of us
I remember how Christmas 1999 we sat together and looked at all the pictures laughing hard at some only for many to get burnt in the owo saga


tf said…
I still cant believe that he's gone; just like that and i dont think i will until i see for myslf. No more grandpa to call me 'hun Tolu' ( i never quite knew wat that meant).

I always thot that he would live till abt 90 or even 100 just cos he was a strong man and the most health consious person i ever met.

I can remember all those christmases that we used to go and spend in Owo, fond memories of him tellin us stories abt himslf growin up, i can also remember wen i was in secondary school and my male friends would call d house at night and he would slam the phone down out of annoyance.

Grandpa, words cant describe how greatly u will be missed. Though u are no longer with us, your memory still lives on. It hurts so much to lose a great man like you, a rare find and a special kind. Im so proud to have called u my grand pa. Though you are gone you will always have a special place in my heart forever, and i will never forget all the ideals and morals u instilled in me. This is not a 'goodbye' but a 'so long', until we meet again, have a peaceful rest. Sun re o
flygirlbidiish said…
everyone says we have to celebrate his life really we do, we had a very special man with us
...........maybe over 90, we thot he will b there to watch usses get married and all u know then laff at us as we were growing up
all the stories, he'll keep telling us and the funny things he'll chip in

we hav his memories to hold on to forever and ever

i'm happy we had him and it was really lovely

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