lazy lazy me

ish i hav been to lazy and 'un'-bothered too rant on this spot
been thinkin about it till my friend told me she couldn't find my spot, then i was like w....*%$* ok i found it all rite!
a lot of "waters hav passed beneath the bridge" lol!!!! i really just wanted to say that
ok ok a lot of stuff have happened since the last time i blogged and all including my uncle's marriage lol which i'ld say was actually fun
my grampa made a funny statement when he was giving a speech.....when the bride was brought home......still don't know wot to call her its just still weird my uncle's really married. i think i need it chipped and engraved in my head or something
spent my morning thinkin about "incapability" 'the incapable person'
wot makes a person incapable in certain areas and aspects of life? why would a person be eventually tagged as incapable? went to my usual.....dictionary/encyclopedia/all
among many i choose these two:
not having the necessary ability, qualification, or strength to perform some specified act or function
a thoroughly incompetent person, esp. one of defective mentality
......................a person my not be able to do 'certain somethings' attimes still he/she is not regarded as bein incapable
some physically challenged people are very much more capable than some who have it all
a lesson we all need to learn each day is that tho we may say attimes i don't know how or i can't do this.... we should never allow the word incapable to suffix or prefix our names or be made or titles
twould be rather sad if i was called "Fly girl the Incapable"
oh! goodness i'll never show my face outside......well thankfully that will never happen
my cousin and my little sister have been around for a little while now and this morning they said to me........the leech really has problems lmao!!! twas so funny they way they said it with concern
the leech went to my sister's room while she was asleep n locked her in it for reasons best known to the leech.........outrageous!
been having fun watchin the laanites saddly isabel is goin to loose her baby, cecile is being bullied (in a legal way by xander) to let vince see his baby, leen dumped marko and now she and jan-hendrick are dating, Mr menjties and charmaine may move to washington and the funniest was when some guy called bismack/skip was dating matron and her sister esther lol twas so funny that an old guy could be tryin two old sisters.....tho he was after esther's money and matron's food


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