who doesn't like..........uh uh! freebies? ok the person is so not ok classified!
i love freebies. i also call my self the "princess of freebies" attimes. i hav been collectin free stuff since i could remember lol!!!! on airplanes, from buscuit promos, chocolate and candy promos, soft drink promos, magazine give aways, name them i am soooo there!!
its fun i suppose jus seatin at home cutting away entry papers and forms and all the "wotsnots"
i simply find them interesting. my older sister's always like 'ur are so jobless' but she shares in some freebies too lol!!!!
maar! attimes we never get the stuff still! could b time my homegirl n i entered into one promo n we never even got a .... pen lol!! from it ha! so funny
well "keep tryin no matter what" is something i stick to :-)! lol!!!!

i like freebies, u can also say "awuf" lol!!!! and i'm proud to shout i like freebies
i'm rootin for one today so i decided to blog about freebies..............i sure do hope i get it

i realy hate the gas hoardin that's goin on in this country! is crawlin on me like venom! ish!
i do hope things get back to 'normal' very soon
its wednesday today and i'm glad, soon it will b the weekend i am thinking of throwin a "just becos its saturday i'll hav ice cream n cookies potluck" for my friend ....... i 'm still thinking about it :-)!!
jus listened to lovestoned!!!!

TO ANYONE WHO STOPS BY TO READ THIS: hav a really wonderful day and don't forget to smile no matter what! :-)!


La Reine said…
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La Reine said…
Tag! You're it!
-Check out me blog for details:)

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